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MAGHDEEM WINS ASPIRE LOGISTICS – QATAR DESIGN Supply Delivery Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Solar PV System PROJECT / February 2016

   Maghdeem is delighted to have won the tender for ASPIRE LOGISTICS Design Supply Delivery Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Solar PV System for High Mast Lights at the Proposed Multi-Purpose Field in Aspire Zone – Qatar.


Aspire LOGISTICS, is the third strategic business unit within ASPIRE ZONE-QATAR. It has grown out of the Sport City Project which was responsible for building the award winning sports stadium and facilities that make ASPIRE ZONE such an awe-inspiring precinct. Aspire LOGISTICS is the custodian for ASPIRE ZONE facilities and manages the venues and the international sport activities they attract.

Maghdeem Project Scope Overview:

The project work involves Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Solar PV system for the high mast lights at the proposed multi-purpose field in Aspire Zone.

  • Scope of Works:

The scope of works includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Design, Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of solar PV system for the high mast lights at the proposed multipurpose field in Aspire Zone as mentioned below:
  • Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of solar power system with solar arrays, inverter, storage batteries, protection devices, power panels, etc. to supply high mast LED lights and for 10 hours to achieve desired Lux level. The PV system components like batteries, inverter, control panels, etc., designed with necessary cooling/ventilation arrangement for proper functioning of the system.
  • Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of LED lights to achieve Average Maintained horizontal Lighting level of 200 lux over the entire Multi-purpose playfield area.
  • Design and installation of Earth pits as per Kahramaa and QCS standards.
  • All civil works that is required like excavation, drilling, removal and re-installation of Asphalt, pavements etc., to complete the project works are under the Maghdeem’s scope of work and responsibility and as per engineer’s standards and specification.
  • All Landscaping work such as removal, backfilling and restoration of grass and other related works is carried out by a qualified and specialized landscape contractor.


  • PV PANEL used in the project (German Brand):

Modules used in the project have high efficiency solar cells, lowest losses, cost effective with long life, reduced size, and high reliability.

Modules are made of mono crystalline silicon solar cells. The modules provided are IEC 61215 tested and certified. Modules have DC rating of 1000V. Solar PV module electrical characteristic including Current- Voltage (I-V) curves and temperature coefficients of power curve, voltage and current are provided. Diodes are included to avoid overheating of cells in case of shading.

The PV panel is designed to work in extreme temperature, weather conditions and deliver consistent trouble free energy over its entire lifetime.

Solar PV panels used are vandal proof and virtually impervious to the Corrosion and Cracking that degrade conventional Panels.

The PV Panel used excellent durability 100% power maintained.


  • Module Mounting Structure used in the project (Made in U.K.):

The structures are designed for simple mechanical and electrical installation. It is supporting SPV modules at a desired orientation and withstand high wind loads, normally up to 150 kmph. The frames and the leg assembles of the array will be MS hot dip galvanized made of suitable sections of angle, channel, tubes or any other sections as may fit conforming to standards for steel structure to meet the design criteria or of Aluminum Anodized Profiles as per design requirements. All nuts & bolts are made of galvanized anticorrosion steel.

Hardware’s and supporting structures including module mounting structures are adequately protected against corrosive atmosphere.


  • Batteries used in the project (Made in Germany):

Type: Maintenance free Deep cycle discharge GEL battery

No .of Autonomy days – 2

Back up time – 10 hours

Superior cyclic performance

High temperature tolerance (above 50 deg. C)

10 year design life

Warranty – 5 years

Ventilation system with automatic temperature control/sensing systems to adjust and maintain the temperature of the battery compartment


  • Protective Devices, Controls and Monitors used in the project (All Made in Europe):

Main Protections – The system includes the following protections:

– Input over voltage

– Load short circuit

– Over temperature

– Surge protection

– Noise protection

– Battery deep discharge protection

Controls are microprocessor based and the following main controls are possible:

– Rectifier/charger on/off

– Inverter on/off

– Forced shutdown

– Self-test

  • Performance Requirements for Environmental Conditions

Maghdeem was aware to supply and install all products and cables for this contract which are most suitable for the special environmental conditions prevailing in Qatar.