Mounting Systems


Providing innovative systems for the global photo voltaic industry

Numerous years of experience and our thoughtfulness regarding creation of best mounting systems we position ourselves at the top in rank market leads.  Our clients from all over the Middle East admire the quality of our mounting systems for utilization on every kind of roofs; either they are flat roofs or roofs with sloop. We also make mounting systems for the special projects or ground mounted systems. Our services consolidate ideal basic dimensioning, short mounting times, monetary proficiency and most extreme solidness, all at alluring costs. The MAGHDEEM Co. PV-mounting system is involved in generally applicable, quality parts (aluminum/ stainless steel), encouraging the establishment of any mounting system on any site. Providing the quality and expertise in choosing the right solution for your need we pride ourselves in provision of open ground mounting systems to roofs mounting systems.


MAGHDEEM co. partner with K2 EU (Mounting systems) factory.