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What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a legal agreement that governs one party buying another party’s electricity for a set price and a fixed period of time. We construct solar facilities for our customers at no cost to them and recoup our investment by selling the energy to our customers for the term of the PPA. Our standard PPA is for 20 years and governs the following:

The Price

Our price depends on many variables, mostly the cost of construction and size of the solar facility. In almost all cases we will be considerably cheaper than what you currently pay for electricity.

The Term

While our term is usually 20 years, terms from 10 to 25 years can be negotiated. Varying the term would affect the price of the electricity we provide as well as other elements of the agreement.

We can also negotiate early buyout provisions, if desired.

Your Responsibilities

Your responsibilities are limited to buying the electricity we generate at the agreed upon price for the length of term and allowing us access to your property to maintain our facilities.

Our Responsibilities

Our responsibilities include constructing, operating and maintaining the solar facilities, ensuring performance, removal of the system at the end of the term, and meeting the requirements for liability insurance.


Providing insurance for your property if needed for installation of our systems