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40 years of experience and high quality products guarantee the use of solar energy in the most effective way!

The sun constitutes an important source of energy, if not the most significant of all.

Ever since its unique properties were discovered, it has been used in various ways to improve our standards of living. Nowadays, more than ever before, using alternative sources of energy -such as solar energy- is a necessity, as protecting the environment as much as saving energy are major concerns for humanity. Maghdeem is a Solar Water Heater and Collector Distributors in Gulf and Middle East and has used solar energy in the most efficient way by producing high quality products in the field of solar hot water heaters, hot water boilers, solar air-conditioning systems and solar pool heating systems, with the help of its high-standard technological equipment and the vast experience of its executives.

More and more people are using solar water heaters and solar heating / cooling systems. The main reason is that the use of solar hot water heaters and solar air-conditioning systems are not only eco-friendly, but rather cost-effective making the perfect solution for both home and professional use.