Stadium and High Mast Led light



You need a High Mast LED light?

We are here to offer you High Mast LED lights for Stadiums, Roadways, Sport edifices etc.

Our High Mast lights can be utilized as a part of stadiums, building lighting applications, sport edifices, roadways and marine vessels. The applications are interminable. It replaces 250-4000W Metal Halides. It just uses 150-1000W, contingent upon model. Incorporates exclusive against glare covering for our lenses. Adopt high splendid imported single integrated (COB) LED chip as light source, with great warmth dispersal, low light deterioration, immaculate light shading, no twofold shadow High force, and high resistance of stun or vibration and so on. Unique less heat plan superbly join with force box, successfully transmit the heat, along these lines bringing down the body’s temperature, guarantee the life of LED chip and force driver. Apparent energy saving impact, utilize high power LED and it is outfitted with imported high effective force, spare more than 70% energy contrast. Eco-friendly and cost effective LED High Mast lights are provided by MAGHDEEM Co and proving itself best in all LED energy solutions is what MAGHDEEM Co best at.