The Benefits


Get a clean source of energy by us!

Go Green with our Green Energy Solutions!

You will achieve your environmental goals of a clean source of energy by:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint—every 250 kW solar installation will take the equivalent of 198 tons (395,300 lbs) of CO2 out of the air for each and every year it is in operation.
  • Reducing your greenhouse gas emissions—every 250 kW solar installation is the equivalent of taking 24 cars off the road for a whole year and eliminating their emissions.
  • Reducing climate change—every 250 kW solar installation will do as much for the environment in a year as 5,900 trees.
  • Reducing hazardous waste—solar power generation avoids coal ash, nuclear waste, mercury and other noxious by-products.

You will have an infinitely sustainable source of energy because:

  • Solar power provides electricity indefinitely, without depleting resources. As long as the sun continues to shine, our arrays will be providing your company with clean energy.
  • One 250 kW solar installation can power 33 average homes or 2,500 light bulbs (100W).
  • You will improve your financial bottom line in a real, immediate and lasting way by:
  • Reducing your operating expense for electricity with no capital expense. We will offer you electricity priced below current utility rates, with a low fixed annual escalation factor.
  • Not having to spend any money to build an on-site, customized solar installation.
  • Stabilizing your costs of electricity. Our PPA will lock-in our reduced prices for 20 years so that your organization can predict and control its energy expenses. Increasing the value of your goods and services.
  • Customers care about the environment and will prefer your products over those of your competitors.
  • Creating a hedge against the uncertainties that affect future energy prices. Oil price increases, natural gas, carbon legislation, wars and natural disasters can all lead to unexpected volatility in energy prices.
  • Attracting more tenants and reducing vacancies. Tenants care about the environment and will prefer your space over that of your competitors.
  • Increasing the value of your real estate and lowering operating expenses, such as energy costs and the maintenance of parking lots or decks. Our canopy solar solutions provide shading for cars and buildings as well as employees and customers.